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The story thus far...

Marcello Nocera is a typical Italian, passionate about everything that he does, and applies this passion to every pizza he makes.

Now this might not sound very pizzeria-y at first, however we are here to get to know Marcello a little better.
Lets take a dive into some of his past shall we..Several years ago, Marcello, The Proprietor of Marcello's Ristorantes in Hitchin and Central Milton Keynes noticed that a significant amount of gas was wasted by his chefs when burners were left alight during periods where no cooking receptacle (to most of us that’s pots and pans maybe?) was present above the burner.

Marcello soon came to realise the efficiencies of production in a stressful environment of a commercial kitchen, requires the chef’s full concentration on food preparation, and the responsiveness to the dynamic kitchen pace. This meant they regularly never had the time, to constantly turn burners on and off every time a cooking receptacle is temporarily moved away from the gas flame.

Chefs need to know that full heat is instantaneously available whenever it is needed (hmm electrical stoves anyone?)
Marcello pursued this idea which would not only drastically reduce the usage of natural resources (which he believes will not be around forever) however an improvement in safety levels when surrounded by the hustle and bustle of a working kitchen occupied by chefs on every few kitchen tiles! Not even to mention the energy bills he was slapped with!

The world was finally introduced to...The SSDBurner

So there you have some. From Restaurants, to an idea that makes a difference which every kitchen or chef can really do with and to making probably, the most memorable tasting pizzas in Bedford…

To Marcello, we thank..