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Dove Il Mangiare Bene, Diventa Un Piacere

Where Eating Well Becomes A Pleasure

Please make sure you place your order over the phone with us. We enjoy this way of communication and is still the best way to ensure order confirmation.

Here you’ll find that taste of Italy through each and every pizza we make.
Part of this is because the dough bases are hand prepared from scratch the night before…(yes, Marcello does like to stay till late ensuring only the best tasting dough rises for the next day)

Whilst we know you may be hungry enough to feed an entire tray of pizza to yourself – please bare in mind these pizzas are big so please take into account a 20 minute lead time for preparation when ordering.

We say using perfectly selected, only freshest and tastiest ingredients just ready to burst with taste and aromas of Italy, delivered right to your doorstep…beats having to get in line to board a flight to Italia for the same taste!

But don’t just take our word for it, pick up the phone and experience it.

Our Pizza base sizes are 12″, 15″ and Party-size!

If you’re wondering…Our Party-size trays are an amazing 24 slices!

10″ size Pizzas are available with up to 2 toppings.

There’s also…

Gluten Free

Gluten-Free 12" Pizzas

+£4, for 12" Pizzas only.

Please be sure to tell us if you'll be wanting this when placing your order over the phone.

We cannot fully guarantee that minute traces of gluten may not be in the base, making this unsuitable for Coeliac. Please see allergy codes beside Pizza descriptions for more information.

Why Not Split it? 50/50

If you can’t decide on one Pizza, split it into 2 halves!

50/50 Pizza options are ONLY available for Tray size pizzas and we charge the higher of the 2.

Only The Finer Ingredients Make The Cut

We specially source our ingredients, making a Marcello pizza how it is – and how it has best become known to you.

Our pizzas tell a story. A lot of effort goes into making our pizzas extra special. As a result, part of the preparation work, including the flour we use for our dough, may contain traces of Mustard, Lupin & Soy.


Home Deliveries or Collections Welcome!

There’s no charge for delivery so long as your order is a minimum of £20 and within 2.5 miles of the pizzeria.

There will be a charge for delivery (generally £1-£6 depending on your location.) We can can confirm your delivery charge whilst placing your order over the phone with us.

We promise to deliver your pizza freshly baked!

Whilst we do all we can to ensure your food is delivered as quickly as possible, we cannot guarantee exact delivery times. What we can guarantee is it will be worth the wait.

Good to know
Our delivery charges always have, and always will be given to our drivers as they use their own vehicles to deliver your food. Whenever you place an order with us, your helping to keep a driver and his vehicle on the road, proving a necessary service.

Please call in and ask us to get an idea as to what the delivery charge applicable to you, would be.


We cater for many venues, events and homes! With sizes varying from 10" round bases, to 18" x 30" long pizzas!

You also have a choice of Gluten Free pizza bases from any of our 12" range pizzas


Hungry? Fancy just a portion for yourself and maybe a few others? Perhaps you're organising an event at home or away? We do pasta by portion and by tray! See our menu for more.

It's good to know - all our Pasta dishes are made and prepared in our kitchen

Ready to Make Your Own Pizza?

Create your own delicious pizzas or bread. Suitable for Vegetarians and a great time-saver for even the busiest of kitchens!
Home Made

Opening Times

Please note we close:

2:00pm – 4:45pm (Tuesday – Thursday)
2:00pm – 4:30pm (Friday & Saturday)






Due to environmental factors beyond our control, our dough may contain traces of SOY, LUPIN & MUSTDARD. Please advise us is you have an allergy.

We cannot guarantee that our food is free from allergens. Environmental traces are present.

Please check our allergy codes below to check which allergens are in your food.

Allergy Information

CCeleryThis includes foods containing celery and celeriac.
DDairyThis includes foods containing Milk, Cheese and Lactose.
EEggThis is for foods that contain eggs.
GGluten/WheatThis includes foods containing Wheat, Barley,
Tye & Gluten. Products with (GFREE) are suitable for a Gluten-free Diet.
NNutsThis includes foods containing tree nuts, all forms.
PPeanutsThis includes foods containing Peanuts, all forms.
F/SFFish/ShellfishThis includes foods containing Fish or
Shellfish, all forms.
SUSulphitesIngredient often used in meat products, dried fruit such as raisins, soft drinks, veg, wine and balsamic vinegar.
S/L/MSoy/Lupin/MustardThis includes foods that contain
these allergens. Our dough may contain traces which are
beyond our control.
VVegetarianThese foods are meat/animal product free dishes.
VEVeganThese foods are meat/animal/dairy product free dishes.

Pizza Toppings

Gluten Free Pizza Base+£4.00
Ricotta £2.10£2.90£4.00
Fresh chopped tomato£2.10£2.90£4.00
Italian Sausage£2.10£2.90£6.00
Tomato Sauce£1.90£2.20£3.00
Parmigiana Aubergine£1.90£2.20£3.00
Grilled Aubergine & Courgette£1.90£2.20£3.00
Artichokes & Fresh Basil£1.90£2.20£4.00
Plant based Lardons£2.50£3.50N/A
Plant based ‘mozzarella’£2.50£3.50N/A
N’duja Sausage (Calabrian spicy sausage)£2.50£3.50
Parma Ham (Prosciutto Crudo)£4.50£5.00£18.00

Please note we close:

2:00pm – 4:45pm (Tuesday – Thursday)
2:00pm – 4:30pm (Friday & Saturday)







19-21 March

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We’ll be back Friday 22nd

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We are Currently Closed

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